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Jintan Ancient Printing Ltd (JAPL) was established in 1978. It combines traditional craftsmanship with high-tech digital printing to produce high end, replica ancient products. Based in Jintan, Jiangsu, China, the multiple award winning company is a leading name in the premier print industry, both nationally and internationally. Specialities of JAPL include hard back and hand bound books, xuan (bamboo paper) colour printing and woodblock printing.
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Colour printing on xuan (bamboo paper), hand embossing, woodblock printing and xian zhuang (stitched binding) are all ancient techniques used by JAPL. Items of particular interest produced include the recreation of 500 year old books originally made by Emperor Yongle to record the Ming Dynasty, as well as key Confucius teachings. The books and scriptures, amongst other collections and art works, all displaying the time consuming and intricate skills, can be found in the vast on-site product exhibition room.


Description: Written by Zhengyan Hu, a sculptor of the Ming dynasty, and published in Chongzhen period at the end of the Ming dynasty. A total of four volumes, each volume is divided into several types, such as the omen, stone, scenery etc.  Includes representative work of Chinese traditional arch flower prints and of engraved wood block printing. Jintan Ancient Book Printing Ltd. reproduced a small set with its unique engraving manual arch technique and engraved wood block printing technique in 2018, which went on to win the 2018 Benny Awards Bronze.

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Keywords: Thread-bound books, hard-bound books, copy of ancient paintings, engraving printing, collo edition

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